(Quick note: The blog from this issue is from 2016. I just wanted to keep it intact, so things may be dated obviously. And links may be broken, and other things, but I’m glad I can just keep this thing forever. Thanks for reading. Enjoy).

Hey guys. Happy Valentine’s Day and all that jazz. I’ve grown to have an intense love/hate relationship with this day. Not even for any lovey dovey stuff. But because of this site actually.

I created Loveless over 5 years ago and it has been an interesting ride. Along the way I’ve met many great people who have been integral in growing the brand by telling us their stories of what they love and being cool enough to share. So naturally as the Loveless progressed, I asked myself what I really wanted from not just the brand but my own life. What was the next step? I actually didn’t know to be honest.

Every year for Valentine’s Day we try to do something big for the brand (the first site released on that day so it seems appropriate). And it kind of shows progress as I stress myself out for a week to make sure we get something new up for you.

Last year, we launched version 3 of the site and I introduced a revamped team. To promote the site launch I did a few small, one panel comics and I can’t lie, I had fun with it. A little too much fun.


Being a comic nerd, I would always tell people that the characters had a story and I thought it would be cool to show it one day. When I was a kid I wanted to be a comic artist/cartoonist so it seemed now was my chance! So what started as what was supposed to be a simple story turned into many months of me learning to draw comics, analyzing story structure, outlining and rough drafting and thumbnailing and… wanting to just jump off a third story flight of stairs to avoid the stress of all of this constant work (I kid about the stairs of course but it seemed appropriate at the time). This comic was way more work than I thought. And it was tough. Tattooing all day, to then draw or write all night followed by waking up early to pretend I’m not tired so I can play with my daughter (what’s sleep? Sounds like a myth to me lol. Shit dreams are made of son).

Through that a beautifully fucked up story emerged. One with purpose. 10x bigger than the original. And now it’s crazy because I feel it’s my duty to get this all to you guys and to help me come full circle with the creation of Loveless. It’s gonna really hit home with some people so not only will it be enjoyable but spark real thought.

Well after months of anticipation we are finally ready to release it! And it’s free to read!!! Well kinda. There will be two different versions but for now just enjoy. We’re a ways off from the other version and luckily the free version will be here to stay! We’re just hoping that you all want to continue to follow and brag about it to friends.

The first page will be released this Tuesday and we will have a new comic post every Tuesday and Thursday on this site!

I’ll throw some commentary on the bottom occasionally. I hope you guys are ready for the ride. It’s gonna be epic! Be sure to comment! I’ll answer back to everyone as pages come out. Right now I just want to commit to giving readers their weekly fix. I’ve been enjoying this new journey and I hope that it becomes a part of your internet routine haha.

And just so you know… it is an adult comic for sure. So be ready! Shit gets wild and never lets up. It’s time to finally get to know Cupid.


Loveless Mel

Ps- The revamped Society interviews are in the works and will be coming back very soon. Can’t wait for you all to see.