1. I’m starting back the “Loveless Cupid” comic and will be posting every Wednesday.

If these pages feel familiar, it’s because this is issue 2, which started last year. But now, I’ve reworked things and added a ton of new pages which will be dropping in the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to you guys following the story and seeing if anyone guesses the twists coming up (it gets considerably less raunchy as the new pages come. I promise).

As always, thanks for rocking with me. Check back here weekly to see the latest progression of Angel and Cupid. And more frequently for all the random art and tattoos. I comment back to everyone so don’t be shy.

PS- If you haven’t read issue 1, it’s free to read on our site (colored physicals will be reprinted for purchase soon!). Just hit the link in bio and head to the comics tab.