Hey good peeps! Happy Loveless Wednesday and all that jazz. I must say, the comic has been super fun to draw as of late. Besides finding my stride, I have just found a workflow that works for me and I’ve been anxious to get to this part of the story. I know there was a bit of resistance once it went from twice to once a week updates, but I’m sure you all have noticed I have made the posts a bit bigger and can cram more comic in. I just want to thank everyone for continuing to follow along, shit’s about to get good (allegedly).

Last time we left Angel we got the most emotional page so far in my opinion. Well in case you thought there was no place to go but up for our young man, it seems he is falling victim to a little social stalking. I won’t even lie to you, I seem to have a bit of knowledge on this subject. Sometimes you just want to know what’s going on with someone. I mean it is out there for everyone’s reading pleasure so why not just see.

While I don’t get to partake in this practice much these days, I do know it is a common practice that I’ve never personally seen in a comic. So now I feel like a trailblazer (no worries I’m pretty sure I’m late to the party lol). I never tweet, but I remember being subtweeted quite a few times in my day. I’d even throw a few back. A whole fucking convo where no one directly mentions the other person. Shit’s real life. Someone is being subtweeted as I type this. I’m sure there is some glaring statistic for it that I’m too lazy to find.

Well I’m gonna end this here today. I think a bit of sleep is in order. You guys have no idea how daunting it was to give Kirsten a social media. And yes, her page does exist so if you befriend her, I’ll make sure she adds you. Don’t be mad if a bit of the story get spoiled from posts you see pop on there tho.

Well I’m out. Until next week. Let’s see if Angel just found the thing he may need to find some closure!

Peace and shit.


PS: Kirsten’s quote is from James Dean. The reason I didn’t put it on the page is for authenticity. Lemme explain. Some people will find a great quote they didn’t make up and just put it up and not cite the source like they should. Kirsten is one of those people. Don’t be like her, be better. Give credit when it’s due 🙂


—–part 2—–


Hey guys. Another Wednesday, another post. Sadly I wanted this one to be a bit longer but this was all I could cram on the rest of page 10 . I’m pretty excited about page 11 tho honestly as it starts to show the consequences of the super stalking young Angel has fallen victim to. I’m hoping to not only maybe get a few chuckles but maybe pull at a few heartstrings. I’m sure we can knock that out in about 2 posts too.

Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone that has continued to read the comic. It’s funny thinking that this started months ago around Valentines day. I read when starting a webcomic, the hardest part is staying consistent and just keeping up with the deadlines. As we know life gets in the way, and there have been quite a few times where it just didn’t seem like the next post would be on time. But I muster through and am rewarded with you all giving me support. Without you this shit would never make it’s deadline, but I stay on course just for you all and I thank you.

Like I said before, the Loveless story is one I want to tell. The comic I would buy. While it hasn’t gotten crazy yet, there is this drive to tell this story of Cupid that really motivates me. Sure I’d love to give you guys assassins or start on my mystery project but this comic is something that I think I was put on earth to make. Like I said, I’m just glad that you guys are along for the ride (before it’s all mainstream and stuff haha).

Well let me go catch some z’s and finish up the next page. Shit’s about to really start getting interesting for Angel. Dare I say, all the rest of the pages of issue 1 are insane. Follow along, I’ll keep them coming.


PS- The Loveless Headquarters is really shaping up. I’m growing up with all these white accents off of the grey walls and such. Trust me, I’ll buy all all black everything. But this looks super clean and I dig it. We all have to grow up one day I guess (says the guy who draws comics).