I don’t know how I always finish a drawing the same day I have to post this comic. After writing a caption for that, I have to come and write a caption for this. And I’m like a grade school kid, throwing a tantrum because I just wrote a paper!!! Why do I have to do another!?!!

Well, it’s because I love that you guys come back every week to read this. Extra credit for the people who ALWAYS comment. I swear, I make this stuff for you because I want to find all the people like you. You guys are my tribe and I’m doing my best to expand it for us!

With that being said, part 1 of issue 2 will conclude next week 🙁 I know, the story was ramping up strong. But no worries, it’ll be back soon, and part 2 is FUCKING WILD!!! It’s going to be impossible to guess what happens, even I’m shocked at where I took it, and it has a huge ongoing impact on the series.

So, it will be back Jan 5th. The reason for the hiatus is to build my buffer back, as it keeps this fun and stress free. I’m finishing up the next page now and don’t want to get caught in a loop of doing the page the same week it’s out. I’m a one man team so I appreciate the patience.

In the meantime, I’ll still be posting art regularly for the art show, so no one will miss me, I’ll be here. I’m also going to be working on a few projects I’ve put off for years. Mainly the new site and interviews with the Society (peeps with Loveless Tattoos). I want to build the community back up and have this be everything I envisioned from the start. People being unapologetically them and showing the world their tattoo that embraces that.

Oh, yeah…comic!!! So who in the heck is this? I’ve dropped breadcrumbs but they are pretty obscure. The mystery girl probably said a bit too much. Next page reveals all. See you guys then!