Sup guys. Another post for you cool ass people. I was very humbled by the amount of people that read the last post! It was really cool to see the readership jump a bit. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right. Those shares and comments really mean something to me. Gives that extra push

As promised with the last page, I think the rest of the comic has nothing but entertaining pages (I know I’m a bit biased but just believe me dammit. Pages 12-14 are either gonna have people love or hate this whole project, slick nervous). I’m not going to lie to you guys. This particular page kicked my whole entire ass! The good part is that I love the way it flowed as I battled through long nights of revisions and making it as close to my unrealistic expectations as possible (not reaching it as always).

Here we continue to watch Angel stalk the shit out of this girl. It seems that he broke cardinal rule number one, which is to kind of hint at the fact you are watching the person. I mean…why did he even hit her with the first double tap?! Then a text with no real purpose??? Talk about breaking the rules. The depiction of the heart talking to the brain is very subtle but so real. Sometimes they just do not coincide. I’ll actually go as far as to say that they rarely go hand in hand. The good part is that when they do, it can truly bring nirvana to an individual. Seek that alignment I guess. Those are my inspirational words for today.

Well I’m gonna leave it here until next week where we will finish off page 11. Angel hasn’t learned his lesson by the last panel in this one, so let’s hope for the best with his next statement.

Til then,


PS: If someone hits you with them big ass text bubbles, take the fucking hint. They’re in to you. Just saying.


——part 2——


You watch basketball? If not it’s cool, but just know I’m like a die hard basketball fan. It’s like the only sport I even play as well (I’m good at a few but basketball is the one I enjoy). Well I only bring this up because I’ve been relaxing this week and the Warriors just came back from being down 3-1 to win the series over the Thunder. One of the most impossible things you can do in basketball.

For those that don’t know me in my personal life, my favorite player of all time is Kobe Bryant. Regardless, I have this crazy amount of respect for Stephen Curry (and before anyone goes thinking I’m just one of those bandwagon fans that goes for whose winning, I was a Kobe fan before the rings, and my new favorite player isn’t even Curry, but a 20 year old named Emmanuel Mudiay of the Nuggets. Watch, he’s gonna be a star).

The reason I respect Curry so much is he isn’t supposed to be considered the best in the game. Criticisms such as he’s too small, he only shoots threes, he’s too light skinned (lol, jokes) all rain upon him daily. Well, he defied every single odd that came his way and it was through hard work. Like he literally has changed what is possible because he shoots so well. He’s shattering every shooting record in the NBA and he is still in his twenties. It’s a joy to see him prove all the doubters wrong.

Why am I bringing this up? Because we all have this ability. To prove our doubters wrong. I’m one of those weird people who don’t believe in talent. I know that’s confusing coming from someone who can draw, but I haven’t always been this good. I believe it is all about nurture.

When I was a kid, I loved cartoons. To the point where TV kinda raised me (I’m from Alabama, but people say I don’t speak like it. I’m sure it’s because I have picked up the dialect I saw from the shows I watched more). I’d sit and draw Ninja Turtles and my turtles just happened to look a bit more like actual Ninja Turtles than the kids my age. So people said I could. In retrospect, those turtles were not that good. Nothing close to what one would consider to be a good drawing of them. But, for my age, they were nice. That praise made me want to impress people more. So I drew. Everyday. Relentlessly. Over time, I naturally improved and I continue to. Even now, I draw… a lot. That is the talent. To be so obsessed with getting better at something so much that you keep doing it to get better, no matter how many people say that you are already good at it. Good isn’t enough.

Every night after work, no matter how tired I am, I get up and drive to the Loveless Headquarters and work on this brand and comic. And I get off pretty late. I make sure to at least put in two hours of time but the average is closer to 4 a night. Why? Because I have big dreams. Believe it or not, making Loveless a success is only the tip of the iceberg to that dream, but it is a stepping stone for it.

“You’re a tattoo artist. No one will respect you as a cartoonist.”

Well if you ask me, I’ve always been a cartoonist that just happens to tattoo. My mind won’t conform to the norms that the world lives by. I’ll dominate whatever field I want. Am I receiving praise and accolades for this comic from my peers and comic blogs and stuff right now? Not at all honestly.

But that’s why I love it. The doubt. It’s what drives me. It’s what drove me to be a good tattoo artist. It’s what drives me to be the best man I can be. How will I achieve those goals if I’m not working on them everyday, even if the results aren’t right in front of me. To me, the journey is the results. Knowing that I’m a little bit better than I was yesterday. Knowing that Angel delivered a funny line a bit sharper than yesterday. Knowing that my perspective has improved just a tad. These things let me know that I am on my way. The results will come and they will be greater than anything I could even fathom.

I just challenge you all to do the same. Get a lil Steph Curry in you *pause* and I challenge you to be better than you were yesterday. To really think about your dreams and do something daily to get there. Even if just slightly, be better.

Okay, now I’m just rambling. But I believe in people, and when I see great examples showing that the world really is ours and it conforms to what we make it, I just want us all to take notice.

Mel out

PS: Damn Angel, back at it again fucking up. Who hasn’t been a victim of misunderstanding a post someone wrote. I would say stop snooping, but in this world it’s impossible at times. I guess just try not to let it hurt you. In a digital world, the best way to get answers is still just ask directly it seems. Lates