Now it’s time… to say goodbye… to all my Loveless frieeendsssss. Jk, kinda. I wanted everyone to get their turkey down and let that pot belly stick out a lil before posting today.

But this is officially the last comic update for awhile. Originally I said it would be January 5th. But I’m gonna give myself a bit more time as I may have underestimated that break 😅 so I’m pushing it to Jan 26th (was gonna be February but I love you guys).

Like I said, it’s more so I’m not stressed. Life has been throwing me curve balls and growth opportunities so I’m just choosing to not stress myself and have the quality dip, not to mention cut my buffer too close.

So you guys will get a break until part 2, but I’ll diligently be working on it as well as other things for Loveless.

2022 has been important to me for years as I felt it would be my golden year. 222 always pops up for me so it seems fitting. Now I have to make that true. And you guys will join me for the ride (ahem… art show September 2022).

But as for the last page of part 1. Yes! Hermes!! I’ve been waiting to debut the other gods and creatures in this universe. Their dynamic with our duo is gonna be nuts! You all know from my writing I’m gonna get deep with it. But… Angel is in fucking trouble. What will happen next? I hope he can talk his way out of a for sure beat down 🤭

Til the next time ✌🏾