Hey guys. Welcome back for another Loveless Wednesday. Well we saw Angel crash and burn last week by texting his ex (you haven’t read it you say? Well go back and read all of the comic to catch up. Welcome to heartbreak).

As you can see, for once I decided a full page was in order. Mainly because I’ve tricked everyone to go inside this guy’s mind as he jacks off and I’m trying to not spend weeks having you all watch that.

While I wish I could take credit for this amazing scene, I will let you know that it was heavily influenced by David Choe‘s comic “Slow Jams“. I’m a big fan of David and most of his early work is just not available or really expensive if you do get your hands on it. Well, back in high school, I got the chance to read this comic called “NON” and it featured part of the comic in there (I actually own this same issue now, and it was easily the most expensive comic I’ve ever bought, but so worth it).

In short, it’s about this guy that moves back home to LA and falls in love with this girl he just met. We go inside this guy’s head as he recounts his pursuit of her. I was entranced! How could I be so into a comic about love? I hadn’t even had a real relationship at that point in my life. Now I can easily see why it had such a hold on me.

It was truth.

Truth in that no one talks about what they really do for love, especially when it doesn’t work out. With this comic, that is what I am trying to give. Just truth. And so far it’s working. I just hope people continue along the ride as we eventually try to help this guy either get over it or actually find love.

But for right now it seems he is trying to help himself. In “Slow Jams” Choe has his character, Dixon, masturbate randomly one night. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give what I felt reading that to you guys who will never be able to read Choe’s book (If you want to buy it click here, and let me borrow it. I never got to read how this tale finished).

For the women, sorry about taking you through the journey of a man’s mind. It’s a filthy little place, but we really do this stuff. It’s the escape. I thought it was important to show this because by the end of the last panel, we see that Angel’s infatuation with Kirsten is so strong, he can’t even escape her in such a vulnerable time. Nucking Futs!

Well I’m glad I knocked out a full page and will try to next week as well because we gotta get outta this guy’s mind. Don’t want to drag it on too long and lose even more fans.

Til next week, I’ll catch you guys laters.


Loveless Mel

PS: The Loveless bible, the book where I conceptualized Loveless, was drawn in a David Choe book. I’m not afraid to let everyone know the people that inspire me. I just hope I can do the same for others one day.