Hey guys!! @lovelessmelvin here, and so is the latest page! It’s been awhile, but I didn’t want to let you down (and myself in the process).

To be honest, I know I actually need more time as the buffer I created isn’t as big as I’d like. Besides the comic, there were other projects I was working on for Loveless during my hiatus that still need to be finished. But considering I did get a few pages done, I’m gonna see if I can delegate my tasks through the week and get everything out in a timely fashion.

I’d rather keep dropping (love)bombs for you all, so here we are. 💣 💣💣

As for the latest page, I wanted to really go deeper into the emotion of what’s happening. It seems like they’ve been here before. And our mystery girl has a name now!


She has several histories linked to Hermes, but we’re gonna explore their romantic one here. Stay tuned for more.

Thanks again for joining along. I’ll see you guys next week.