What it isssss? Wassup?

Hey guys! First off, big apology for missing the post last week. I don’t like giving excuses, so I’ll just say this, know that the comic is a priority so it won’t just stop until I’m done with the story (and that is a ways off). Even bigger apology to all the people who saw me post that it would be up by the end of last Wednesday. Sleep deprived people have to give in at some point. I tried to rush it and I saw that I am not the type to give out a product that I am not proud of. Quality over everything. But I want to be a man of my word so I’ll do better about making realistic promises.

The good news is that last post was just going to be half a page and the rest was gonna be today, so instead I just gave the whole page. So we’re all caught up technically. Plus, I don’t want too many weeks of Angel fucking random girls in his mind, haha. People already think I’m making smut (which I probably am but am too proud to admit…the reference folder for this page is amazing) so let’s just get in, blow our load, and get out.

Well I gotta tattoo now. Let’s do this the same time next week. Hopefully no one is judging you for reading this if they glance at your screen.


PS: You guys are fucking awesome btw. To all the people that asked where the post was and actually missed it. You guys keep it going. If me and my mom were the only fans I may have stopped by now lol.