Oof 🥴 Pretty much sums up this page. I’m sure you were like “Hermes is being pretty calm about this”. Well it seems we may know why. It looks like they aren’t together, together. But they are? Open relationship? But not really? Don’t ask, don’t tell, but I know everything?

Ok I just confused myself 😅. But this looks like a confusing situation. Mythology can get so tangled up yet particularly messy. So like Disney, I’ve taken my own liberties, yet want to still keep the situations intense.

Hmmm…what can I say without spoiling the damn story. Screw it…I’ll over share for once. Ok, so Chione and Hermes have a complicated relationship to say the least.

Anything she wants, he provides, as a good God would. She is essentially a kept woman, because she softens his heart when she is near. His godly burdens dissipate with her touch. He literally doesn’t know how to get “angry” at her. So he gives her the world in exchange for not questioning him as he is free to live his life.

But when she does the same… it’s not treated equally. Today… she’s had enough. Soooooooo, we get to see what comes of it.

But the bigger question is… why does Angel seem to be a multiple offender, risking it all to sleep with Chione??

Hopefully we get some answers soon. I’m sure Hermes isn’t gonna like her last line too much. Also… let’s pray he doesn’t look under the bed 😩 Why didn’t these two find a better hiding spot?

(editors note: Hermes is fast. Cupid knew they had no time. Sadly, it was the best option. They’re fucked).

Til next week 🤞🏾