Who saw that one coming! Everyone…damn, so much for my element of surprise.

So have you ever had someone consume your thoughts? No matter what you did, you couldn’t shake them? It’s a staggering feeling, especially if they are near yet so far.

When creating a comic (or any sort of fiction) you outline the whole thing. In this outline your try to get everything that you want in the comic in there. The really fun pieces are “set pieces”. These scenes are typically the most exciting and you just try to squeeze them in the best way you can (as they could typically be left out and the story would still flow). The way to combat this is to give the set piece some type of purpose greater than the adrenaline rush it produces.

In this story I knew that this jacking off scene was one I had to have in there. While most would probably be off put by the sexual content and nudity (spoiler alert: Cupid is ass naked in every frame he is in) I knew it was an integral part of issue 1. Forget the stalking and even the climax of this story, (oh how I see you over the horizon) I felt his was the scene that showed just how intense Angel’s thoughts of this girl are. He can’t even close his eyes without her popping into his head. Or bust a nut for that matter.

I don’t know if you have been there, but it debilitating. But necessary I think.

Last tangent, then I’m heading to sleep. Some people leave each other and say that their time was wasted. I don’t feel that way. I think from every relationship and such that doesn’t work, we learn something from that person. And in turn we grow. To me that alone was worth the time invested.

I want to speak more on it but I’m tired as fuck and I know for a fact I’m rambling. Maybe I’ll elaborate on it when this is a printed graphic novel (the Angel story is three issues btw. You’re welcome 🙂

Til next week, lates. No more sex in issue 1, maybe.


PS: That hair took me so damn long to draw. Holy fuck nuts.