I woke up 3 hours too early today. After a bit of tossing and turning I decide I should write the post. My dream was weird. That’s for sure.

I convinced these old school rival gangsters to stop the crime in the neighborhood by… opening a 24/7 strip club. But shit went left and it became a sex club. But apparently they tripled their profits so they were still thankful. And everyone was happy… and naked… and…well…yeah. Look, I told you I’m more honest 🤭😅. Plus I think I figured out how to stop violence in the hood… if not mistakingly raise the population 🤔.

Sounds like that could’ve been issue 5 or something. I’ll put that in my back pocket. I probably shouldn’t write these posts while I’m this tired. I’ll make a note of that.

So this page. This was my favorite one to draw yet!! Because it finally shows some escalation!! So far, Loveless Cupid has been nothing short of a slice of life, raunchy, romantic comedy imo. And of course this issue has started to introduce the fantasy elements. But what’s a big part of fantasy???


So yep, Hermes is pissed and just showed a small sample of how dangerous he can be. But I’m sure the guys can calm him down. We’re dealing with lovers after all (although to be a lover, you have to be a fighter, in order to fight for your love… ok it sounded deep for a second, I’m tired dammit!!).

I’m curious to see how this plays out. But I enjoyed this page a lot. It encompasses everything I love about this series. A little action, a little comedy, a little nudity, and even a bit of emotion. All things I like seeing in movies.

This page actually almost didn’t exist. This and the next page were supposed to be crammed into one but I wanted everyone to feel the emotion and reaction a bit more. In the end it works way better.

Til next week 🤞🏾 Mel out.