Sup guys! Another Loveless Wednesday is here! After last week, I must say that I was riding an emotional high from the comic as we set our personal record for most page views! I know I say these things aren’t what I’m after, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a pat on the back! Many people reached out to tell me how much they enjoyed it and it meant a lot. Well don’t be shy to write in those comments below on any given page! I respond to everyone in case you haven’t noticed. But I am glad some of you can relate or are just generally interested in the story!

Well I’m gonna keep it short and sweet and let the page do the talking this week! It’s one I had a ton of fun on, especially the Dragon Ball pose. Finally a little redemption for Angel! I was hesitant to put out a full page this week, but I thought you guys deserved it as we get closer to the climax of this first issue (yeah, I know you guys thought last page was the climax…literally).

Wonder if I’ll give a full page next time or have you guys soak up the interaction between Kirsten and Angel as they see each other for the first time since their breakup. Very curious to see how this goes.

Things seem to be looking up for the kid.

Til next week,


PS: I had so many typos in this particular page to correct. If you find more, let me know cause I needs alllllll the sleep. Peace.