Have you seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? If not, it’s about this guy (ironically named Scott) that falls in love with this girl named Ramona Flowers. The only problem is in order to be with her, he has the defeat her seven evil exes!!

What a premise right? Well before Scott Pilgrim was a cult classic movie, it was a series of graphic novels by @radiomaru. Just like most things, while the movie is a classic, the novels had so much more. But something I always admired was how it smashed so many genres, that seemingly wouldn’t work, together so seamlessly.

For instance, the story seems like it’s going to be another teen romance situation, then boom, there’s all this action! For some reason that alway intrigued me. It was his world, he could do what he wanted.

So now, all these years later, I can finally show more elements with Loveless. But wait!!! Don’t just think that a few fights is it. I’m going to really play around in the future with damn near all the genres. Loveless is my playground and I’m gonna have fun. Be warned.

Back to the tale at hand… ouch 🤕.

Don’t know if I need to say more than that. I did think it was smart for Hermes to get rid of Cupid. Two gods fighting each other may be even. But, Angel versus the fastest god alive…sounds a bit worse.

Welp. Come back next week to see how this clusterfuck turns out.

Ps- I’ll probably color a landscape on that last panel. Didn’t wanna add extra lines. My bad, went art geek for a sec. Enjoy your week!