It’s Loveless Wed…hurssdayyy. Yeah it’s Thursday. I want to apologize because this page was done awhile ago! I have a few excuses, but as I tell my apprentices, I don’t hear excuses so you shouldn’t listen to me. But if you’re curious here they go.

So I’ve been listening to this amazing book on Walt Disney. Super inspiring right? Well it’s a pretty hardcore book, and not always shining the best light on old Walt, but if nothing else it is very truthful. Seeing the hardships and rise of the Disney kingdom has left me quite energized (not now…right now I’m pretty damn tired). One thing that put Disney ahead of their competitors was the quality that they put out in their cartoons. Good wasn’t good enough. It had to be great, and many of the animators hated the rigorous expectations Walt placed upon them, but in the end it was all worth it as they put out hit after hit, beating even live action movies.

Well as I sat and drew this last page, I swear the spirit of Walt was in my head. I was so critical of everything in this page. Like I would draw it, then change stuff, then redraw, then change stuff. I needed people to feel like that hug meant something. So I was hard on myself to deliver. This led to an unusual time of drawing, but in the end I liked it (after 7 page changes. Wish I was lying).

So now it’s Wednesday morning and I’m finally happy with the art. I decide to do the words before the day was out as I didn’t expect to tattoo too long. Well I was surprised with a tattoo that was about half of this girl’s body. Needless to say, I not only wasn’t able to work on getting the post out like I promised that night, but I didn’t even get out of work until 2am. When passions collide I tell you.

Well no more of my jabbering, here is the latest page and it was one that I enjoyed. I needed the meeting of these two to mean something. This is the first time they have seen each other since their breakup. Now where do we go from here? We’ll find out Wednesday.

See you guys then. Off to tattoo!


PS: My client got here late as hell today. Sleep is something I need desperately lol.