Another Wednesday another Loveless Cupid post. Speaking of that, I have officially in my mind changed the name from the “Loveless Tales of Cupid” to just “Loveless Cupid”. Why? Just sounds better. Also if you didn’t know you, can just go to to see the comic. I’m going to be in the process of redesigning the site for the comic soon (especially everyone using their phones to view it. I know that menu bar is a big hurdle so know it will get fixed). So if you ever wanted to spread the love on the comic you can just tell your friends to go to that url.

Also, I’m going to be adding a new page 1 to the story! No more starting out to a threesome (you’ll have to wait for page two for that now haha). The page I have in store is a lot better in my opinion to let readers (especially ones new to Loveless) know a bit more about what is going on. The bad news is that page will not be available until the printed version, which will come in the Jambalya Mixtape a bit later this year (early next year at the absolute latest). I know it’s just one page, but it’s going to be awesome. Trust me. Be stoked.

So back to the page at hand. It seems to be still going well for young Angel. All of a sudden Kirsten is being all nice to him. maybe shit is getting back to normal? Guess we’ll find out when the rest of page 17 drops next week.

Well I’m donezo for now. Let me enjoy my one day break I give myself for the comic. The backgrounds on this update kicked my fucking ass. Later peeps.


PS: Go follow @theLovelessSociety on Insta. Why? Cause I’m planning on doing some exclusive art for it that will be seen there in the near future 🙂


—–part 2—–


“Love me better, kiss me back, listen more.” Hey guys. I’m listening to my Spotify as I finish posting for this Loveless Wednesday. Why not Apple music? Cause I don’t feel like recreating all of these awesome playlists I’ve made. This one is named “Pencil in hand” and has all of this music I can listen to no matter when I’m drawing.

The lyrics from above are from Childish Gambino’s track “Shadows”. Gambino is one of my favorite artists out (Weeknd is probably ahead of him when it comes to drawing Loveless). I will say he had to win me over though. My buddy Sherome, who is my favorite nerdy homie, would tell me I had to listen to “Camp” because Gambino was the perfect mix of our different types of nerdy (his more Japanese flavored one versus my “girls give my comic loving ass a pass because I tattoo” nerdiness). Well I tried and I just couldn’t get with it.

Well one day I gave it a full listen and the song “Heartbeat” was everything I needed. Talk about inspiration for Loveless!!! The feeling in the song was one that I try to embody in what Angel might be feeling in this comic (maybe even Cupid…spoiler alert).

Well it seems that this little meet up is going well. But wait… what did Kirsten just say? I don’t quite think it’s what Angel thought he was gonna hear. Wonder how this will go.

Well that’s it for this week. Go check out more Gambino. Because of the Internet and Kauai are my favorites. Till next week, peace.

Loveless Mel

PS: Only 5 more pages left in issue 1 (Well 6 if I count the new first page, but you guys won’t be seeing that for awhile anyway lol). I’m promising a cool ending. Okay…too cocky. Mediocre at least tho.