Fashionably late on this Loveless Wednesday (it’s still Wednesday somewhere in the world I think). Took me a bit longer to letter this monster page. I know for a fact that I will not be lettering the dialogue in issue two. Gotta start outsourcing some of this for my own sanity.

But enough about that.  Right now I’m listening to “Don’t Leave Me” by Blackstreet as I finish this page up. I feel like it is what is going through Angel’s mind at the moment (don’t lie, you’ve sung this before in the mirror wearing some footies). Well aside from my hidden beef with Teddy Riley, this song is perfect for what it preaches.

The funny part is it doesn’t seem to go too in depth with what happened. I mean this guy is already being a sap, and clearly not done with this relationship, so why is she done? Did he do something? I’m sure that’s the common thought. But what if it was her and he was willing to just let it all slide just to be with her? Does that make him crazy as the song states or is it just winning out? Guess we get to explore that as we see how Angel takes Kitty Kat’s need to be away from him.

Speaking of Kitty Kat, I thought that story was a nice touch. Gotta love a silly pet name right. It’s a good idea until that shit doesn’t mean anything anymore.

So emotions are at a high and we kind of figured Angel would fuck up. Let’s see where this goes…next week.



PS: I erased all of the backgrounds after all that drawing. I wanted everyone to focus on the characters. Hope it worked lol.


—–part 2—–


Hey guys! This week’s post is short and to the point (It was all that was left on page 18 so it works out). It’s funny because you would think that was less work for me. Man on man, never the case. The hours upon hours it takes just to make something with only a few panels. But it’s all worth it in the end. Like I said when I get a letterer life will be much easier.

While I struggle to get print on these pages, I can’t complain too much because at least I don’t have it as bad as Angel.

Yep, our guy continues to dig himself deeper. Not only is he not getting Kirsten to purr, but he seems to be digging his hole even deeper. He’s asking all of the wrong questions and now it’s starting to get to Kirsten it seems as she seems to be giving him a taste of his own medicine. But how will that go? Next page has the answers. I’m aiming to have the full page done next week. It’s almost time to wrap up this issue and I’m getting pretty excited.

Before we get out of here, check out the top right panel. Looks familiar huh? Well if you head to page 7  that should look eerily familiar. It was my way of bringing this part full circle. A bit heartbreaking but the story is not done. I know you guys may think you know what is going to happen but you have no fucking idea how crazy shit is about to get soon. Trust.

Well off to bed I go. See you guys on the flip.



PS: If any of you readers does webcomics as well, be sure to check out! They gave us a nice little review on our crazy lettering that is sure to help us going forward. Can’t wait to see this comic featured on more stuff. They have tons of tips and such for maximizing your comic and they are all helpful! One of my favorite sites to go to since starting this. Alright, sleeepppppp.