Hey good people. My bad for not getting the comic out on time. Got kind of caught up at the tattoo shop…doing tattoos, cause…bills… and fruit snack addiction. But now as I satiate my palate in delicious tangy fruits of the gummy assortment, I get to relax and speak on the latest page.

While simple, this page is the one I’ve been dying to get to. While the comedy has been pretty absent, I’ve been digging the response from this encounter of the two exes. It started out with so much promise and went bad quickly. This page literally sets in motion the motive for the rest of Angel’s tale (the second half of the page will be up next week btw).

It’s been an interesting ride so far but there is a bit left to do. Gotta still do the new page 1. Coloring is also in the works. There are three more pages that need to be drawn in episode 1 (yeah I’m gonna refer to them by tv names from now on cause I’m willing the cartoon) and I have to go back and redo dialogue and fix art in preparation for the printed version for the upcoming “Jambalaya Mixtape” anthology.

But I’m a deal with the present type guy. All of that good stuff will come and I’m gonna make sure it exceeds expectations. It has been cool seeing the style evolve and me get more comfortable drawing the comic. Every page is it’s own learning experience. I’m just anxious to see how great this comic looks when we are on like episode 5 or so.

Well enough rambling, I’m starting to sound like Riff Raff. Thanks for being patient, it’s time to get ready for the end of the first part of this crazy ride. Let me go draw.

Catch you guys later,


PS: Handhakes and Hugs…Pancakes and Drugs. Never Forget lol.


——part 2——


Well damn. I was trying to find a video that embodied the feeling of today’s post. Talk about something going above and beyond! I remember seeing this video in college and the visual of the talking heart always would have me stop whatever I was doing to take it in. What I didn’t remember was the discussion from the newly separated couple that came before it. The truth in the exchange is astoundingly true. Make sure to listen to it before leaving this page.

If real love is involved, being dumped is fucking tough. Especially if blind sided and unexpected. I’m sure it’s tons of pride associated with it, but regardless it’s pretty catastrophic and life changing because it kind of puts one on edge psychologically. Just one of the many reasons that we all have likely encountered fixing broken people (I know there are a ton of other reasons. I’m hoping the comic will touch all areas of heartbreak tho in the future).

So it’s over, again. Angel is left to pick up himself and that hasn’t gone well so far. In his head, he feels he has lost it all. What direction should he even take?

I wish I had the answers… Wait. I guess I do. Hmm… I’ll give a little hint. I think Angel needs a bit of help. Sorry that’s all I could give (not too informing huh… my bad?)

Tune in next week as we try to find out who can save Angel’s soul.



PS: I really liked how the symbol boxes turned out. Just in case you couldn’t figure it out, just comment here and Ill let you know!

PSsquared: Heartbreak is fixable. Keep reading the series and we’ll delve into it in a crazy fucking way.