Well if I didn’t lose people who were on the fence about this comic, I probably have now haha. I’m going to say this. I’m not too into drawing what I think people will like. I want to make the comic that I want to read! With the art that I want to make. With the lame jokes that I think are mildly funny. I’m just hoping to find a few people who actually think it’s worth keeping track of.

This really is a comic about love even if you can’t tell from the above page. It’s all about the set up people.

So where were we? Oh yes, condom disposal.

Would you believe I did research on this? I actually figured everyone did the same thing. I brought it up one day while the mural in the studio was being worked on. To my dismay everyone had their own disposal methods. It blew my mind. Some of the suggestions were nuts (eww, lol). But it let me know that it was a big enough conversation piece to start this the way I wanted to.

I don’t know how you get rid of yours but just make sure you use them. In this day and age people are having sex. If you’ve made it this far (page 2, ha!) then you may have dabbled in a round yourself. So alls I’m saying is make sure the jimmy is tight. Ladies, be sure to check these dudes. Guys out here going over the shoulder (don’t know what that is? I’m sure it’ll pop up in the comic one day). You want to be in control of your actions, so do right by you and your partner.

Well enough of that, back to the story. So this guy just had this awesome time, he’s all sighing and shit, and now he’s acting weird that this girl is touching him. Seems obvious, but is it? I want to know more, and I hope you do too. Guess we’ll find out Tuesday! See you then.

Stay thirsty my friends,


PS- Thank you to everyone that came on the first day. Statistically webcomics start slow as hell and have to build momentum but you guys gave it a crazy opening with close to 1000 visitors! I hope to keep it growing so share the love. Repost, do whatever. Follow us on Instagram @thelovelesssociety as we will be posting panels there as well! Tag a friend or two. Lates.