Page frigging 20! Man I am seeing the end of the road on this current issue. So close…yet so far. If it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m going to really take advantage of the break after issue 1 to really focus on keeping a good buffer with the comic. Some of these days of doing it last minute, while juggling several other things, has been quite a task.

This page in particular kicked my ass so hard. The problem was that I put so much detail in these backgrounds that it just took awhile to get right. The funny thing is no one is going to analyze anything back there. It’s on of those weird things. It’s either right or wrong. When it’s right, people just accept it because the foreground is what is important. But if I get something wrong, everyone will let me know. It’s funny like that.

I’m sitting here pretty tired wondering what to write. I had a million different topics but the majority I’m drawing a blank on. Oh wait, here goes one.

So Loveless Joselyn let me borrow one of her graphic novels that she thought was similar to Loveless. The book in question is called “Love Addict: Confessions of a Serial Dater” by Koren Shadmi.


The story follows a guy named “K” who was recently dumped (sounds familiar?) and starts online dating. I must admit, this book as quite fun, but I could see why she thought I would enjoy it when comparing it to Loveless. It did not shy away from the truth! No matter how unpopular with the masses the subject matter may be. It is our duty as an artist to escort people out of their comfort zones!

In the book, K ends up getting to sleep with way more women than he had his whole life. Shadmi beautifully illustrates the debauchery in a way that actually makes you for get you are watching sex happen on a few pages. The transformation the protagonist has is what great stories are made of. But no more of me spoiling shit. I just hope to never shy on the things that not only make Angel more believable, but just human.


Now Angel has to get through work and try to forget that the “love of his life” is gone. It’s cool to see the exchange from Angel and his mother whom we haven’t heard of since page 4I mentioned they have a good relationship, but I feel exchanges like the one above really bring that ideal home.

Well I’m off to bed. For those who want more Shadmi after reading the above book, be sure to read The Abaddon. It’s not just a webcomic but a printed book as well. See how I’m always putting you guys on?

Tune in next week as we finish the bottom half to this page as well getting ready to see the last two until issue 2 comes out.

Lates goddamn


PS: Drawing that damn shoe store took for fucking ever *cries* I gotta draw it so many more times. All worth it though for you guys.


——part 2——


What’s cracking…other than the crack of yo ass.


Just trying to let that joke sink in a bit. I’m sure it didn’t hit, but no worries, I didn’t come up with it thus making it damn near impossible for it to even sound remotely funny coming from my mouth. I got it from Foxxhole radio on Sirius. I don’t even know if they still do the show but when I first moved to Atlanta I used to love listening to it. It was pretty much Jamie Foxx’s radio station and it was all uncensored comedy. While I’m not the funniest guy ever, I do appreciate good jokes and try to mimic it when I can with my art and such. Since me trying to mock them failed, here is one of my favorite clips from them (screw Jamie and his Kobe hate).

I thought I’d give you guys something to laugh at because clearly I’ve been laying the sadness on in these last few pages. But ironically they have received the most praise (once again, clearly my comedy is pretty second rate). Now that the smoke is starting to settle, it seems that Angel is getting some sound advice and we even find out why Che is so bad with his mini lectures (never forget his threesome logic). I thought it was extremely important to not just have Che be some comic device. That’s really weak storytelling in my personal opinion. I needed his presence to be something that made Angel think in a certain way. Because of their close relationship, it makes sense that Angel would feel that Che had his best interest at heart even if the advice didn’t seem very logical.

Another role Che served is that he got to serve as a clone character. In literature, a clone character is one that mirrors the main character if they make or don’t make a certain decision. In this case, Che serves as the type of person Angel might become if he let’s this breakup affect the rest of his life. I try not to spell it out too much, but Angel’s mom clearly has done that for us.

Well it’s almost time for my appointment. I wanted to say a lot more, but things have to be done. One important thing. My daughter is turning 3 this Friday! Watching her grow has been one of the best parts of my entire existence. Her smile and laughter gives me the confidence to push past any obstacle and help me want to become a better man and artist. Just like me she loves to draw, and she has found out that dad seems to be able to draw whatever she can think of. So she abuses it…a lot. Today while drawing her minnie mouse for what I’ll assume is the fifth time in the last two weeks, she was having trouble drawing a circle and said she couldn’t do it. I told her very sincerely, that she can do anything that she puts her mind to, and that this is her world and she has my full support. Failure is our greatest gift because it makes us stronger. Always do your best to push past it and that Daddy will always be there to pick you up.

She kissed me then sat back down and drew a damn near perfect circle. Best part of my day.


Work I go.


PS: I had to rush to write this, so sorry for any typos. Real, raw and uncut here!

PSS: I’ve been listening the audiobook “Shoe Dog” the story of Phil Knight. I highly recommend it to any entrepreneur or just anyone chasing a dream. It’s possible. That’s why I have so many Nike’s all over these pages lol. I’ll have to remove all of the logos and stuff before printing, but I like how they look. Thanks for the inspiration. Go get the book.

PS#3: If you haven’t seen Atlanta on FX kill yourself…or just go watch it. New favorite show easily!