Welcome back! Tuesdays and Thursdays may be my new favorite days now…

because I stay up until 4am on my procrastination tip in order to get this comic out.

Oh, I’m exaggerating. It’s actually 4:42am. Even better.

Regardless of my team no sleep ways, the comic is here and that’s what counts. It has been a rough week for me but I am glad to see that early on when committing to something such as this, no obstacle should get in the way. So no worries. Comic drop days I’ll make sure you guys get your fix. Whether it be 100 of you, or 10,000. I’m thankful for all the support and comments. Like really. Those comments keep me going (here and on all of our social media). I’m hoping eventually there are so many that it gets ridiculous.

So comic. Well we now see that this guy barely even knows these girls. Makes a little more sense I guess. But I mean who would be mad at that? Just check out the beads of sweat on his head (and where is her hand going? It’s the things dreams are made of I say!) Regardless I’m curious to see why he seems to not be so enthused by what would seem to be the male fantasy. And I promise that Thursday we find out so get that ass back here!

Quick side notes:

  • This was the first page where I got a bit of help on the coloring. Shout out to my apprentice Cory McAfee aka @LovelessCory on the IGizzle (so wack. My bad Co). He is the official color assist guy. He pretty much does the flat colors and I come in and pzazz it up. He’ll be doing it for the next few issues so like Mr. Threesome up there, I’m thankful. Give him a follow, then like a pic or two.
  • Did you get the Destiny’s Child joke? I asked a few people and it was hit or miss, lol. I had to look at the lyrics to make sure I was right. I’m slightly proud of myself.
  • Hope you guys are digging the textured paper look. I’m going to start incorporating it (and adding it to the first few pages. Really love that old comic feel, as evident by my use of muted tones).
  • Zooming on phones will be available soon! We appreciate your patience on that.
  • Throatzilla… nuff said.

Well that’s it for today. I’ll see you guys Thursday. In the meantime be sure to check out the awesome posts in our revamped blog if you need more Loveless. We update the blog every Monday with new art + great writing, and they are just as entertaining as the comic in my opinion. And I promise to update the tattoo section with new tattoos soon. Plus we have officially started shooting the new “Loveless Initiations” with the Society members. Lots of great shit happening!

Til the next time, remember to zip it in and zip it out.



——–part 2——-

Not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Sunday, but on Thursday, Thursday

-The Weeknd

Well it’s Thursday and that means it’s time to get thirsty (I’m just drinking Orange Juice. Fresh pressed organic bitch!).

Welcome back. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. For those that don’t know I’m 30 so cool things like Thirsty Thursdays go over my head. But I can live viciously through my art. I mean look at dat ass… lol.

This page was one that I had a lot of fun on in total. Tons of experimenting (loving that paper texture look). Even threw a few pop culture references in. The main thing though was I wanted our guy to really have this reflective moment while he was, ummm…quenching his thirst. So it took a few tries, but ultimately having him float in space seemed like the right route. When I meditate (I’m 30 I said. It helps clear your mind. Highly recommended) I feel like I’m floating in space or an ocean. With nothing but your truest thoughts. And as we see here, his truest thoughts have shown why he isn’t the happiest camper.

But where do we go from here? Where did his girl go? Let’s put on some clothes and get on task. Next week we learn a bit about this guy and what got him here. See you then!

Loveless Mel

PS- (what does ps even mean? I’m not googling it. Too lazy) Next week we will be going black and white! Why because…I’ll tell you then. Till next time, peace.