Happy Loveless Wednesday guys! Man it feels good to say that. So much stuff is going on behind the scenes that I know it’s here to stay now and that’s pretty exciting. I’m gonna sorta blog under comic posts for the hell of it. So read on if you wanna.

For those that don’t know, we used to try to do something new every Wednesday on the site. Usually it was a blog post. Or introducing a new member of the Society telling us about their Loveless tattoo. And lastly, comic posts. Well now, you can definitely count on the comic posts for sure on Wednesdays. But, there’s more stuff in store as the weeks come for the other days, but for now, I’ll just tell everyone to stay tuned. Lots of revamping and it’s exciting.

So the page… Angel is having a bit of memory loss it seems. And that’s definitely not his ex he was pining over from the last issue. So what’s going on? I would tell you the answer, but then you wouldn’t come back next week. So stay tuned.

PS- I’m hoping to get my buffer far enough along that I can post up to twice a week on the comic. But at the very least I’ll make sure there is a new page weekly. Also, what’s your favorite image from the ink drawings? I’m just curious.