Another Tuesday. Another drop. So I know what you all are thinking.

“Where is the color you lazy fuck. Couldn’t keep up with the pressure of the comic could you?”

Well first off, don’t ever fucking doubt me (whoa, hostile much?). Besides, what you don’t know is that this page is actually colored… you just can’t see it, yet. No I’m not playing mind tricks on you, it’s just that I can’t give everything away now. So yes, the colored version will be in the actual book and even sooner when we announce the next phase of the comic.

But don’t fret, I put just as much work into the black and white version. I want you guys to be able to follow along and fall in love with the story (and art to some degree) so just keep coming back on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I’ll have the heat!

So anyways,

The guy has a name now (and clothes). Meet Angel, and the start to his flashback. Nothing to left field here but there is certainly more. I mean we still have a few questions from his threesome a page ago. But before we can get there we need to know more about him and this seemed to be the right time. No worries, more answers are coming soon. For now let’s all go to New Terminus and learn more about Angel this Thursday!

I’ll see you then,


——–part 2——–

Hey guys. Still with me? Cool. Well today I’ll keep it short because I have to get up early as the fuck (like how I used that as a noun right 🙂 ). I keep my personal life a secret but I’m going to tell you guys.

I’ve been too stressed.

Not from the comic before you ask.

Nah, just a whole bunch of shit that I had/have to change. But I’ll discuss one of the main things.

My car.

For anyone that knows me, I have had the same car since like 09. She was a grey Mustang 08 and her name was Dirty Diana. I named her after the Michael Jackson song. I worked hard to get that car and it was like we found each other when I needed her most. Life got really great once she was mine and would continue that way. I even would tell people that I would never get rid of her regardless of how many cars I bought and give it to my daughter.

Well recently it got totaled out by my insurance from a wreck that wasn’t too terrible. You guys should’ve seen my face when I heard the news that I’d be losing her. It took a minute for me to really come to terms with it, but eventually I looked at this as an opportunity to grow. The comic came out and you guys have helped me more than you know as I got through life after Diana (it wasn’t all just the car btw, but the tailspin that came from it. All financially inconvenient things).

But now things are looking up. Tomorrow I get to finally turn in my rental and get a new whip. She’s a newer model than Dirty D and of all the cars I could’ve replaced her with, I know this is one I can love the same (I already even named her. Carmencita, after one of my favorite songs).

But Dirty D holds a special place in my heart so I just wanted to immortalize that in a post. I would say R.I.P. or something but I’m sure the body shop just fixed her and resold her. So now every time I see a grey Mustang that looks like her, I’ll just sit and wonder.

“Ummm… I’m just here for the comic bruh.”

Oh my b. So yeah, if I could go through that and not miss a day of posts then I know that we are good. I’m having fun on this comic and am so anxious for you guys to see more of the story. In the rest of page 4, we get to see a bit more of Angel’s family life. I really enjoyed the walk cycle with him and his mom. And Che…man you guys need to get ready for more of him later. Easily my favorite character to write so far. Who doesn’t have that one crazy uncle right?

Well until next week peeps. Let me head to bed so I can get the keys to Carmencita tomorrow.



PS- Thought I was going to keep it short. HA! I type a lot when I’m delirious from not sleeping.