Happy Loveless Wednesday good people!

Page 4 is here and the party is about to start. For those that read the last issue, this is where it all connects like the Marvel cinematic universe. The last page of issue one was Angel about to attack Cupid with a bat (spoiler warning I guess, iono, that book is pretty old now). So now we get to move forward with the story. Things get really unpredictable, really fast. I don’t wanna spoil too much but just know the wait is worth it.

Also a big thanks for everyone showing love on the ink drawings. I’m an artist so I gotta create. Been just trying to focus all of my random art with Loveless things. And it’s doing things I didn’t expect. The followers have been growing and I thank you guys for reposting and sharing. I don’t just think of it as support, I feel we’re all in it together, spreading stuff we like. I seriously wouldn’t do this without you (yes you.. the one literally taking time out their day to read this far into a caption. I love yo supportive ass).

That’s it for now. As the story goes, I’d love to hear predictions. No one will get it right but that’s cool. I won’t hold it against you. -Mel