Taking you guys to school with this one as we continue to delve into the life of young Angel. I’m big on character development and want you guys to really get to know how this guy acts and thinks. This week we dive into that a bit as we then find answers as to what’s going on with him in present day.

So we follow him to his college lecture hall today. I don’t know about you, but for me, in those general courses, I was not the most studious. Like, I knew it was temporary info ( I was in school to be a graphic designer. What did American History have to really do with that?) So I did enough to get by. But every damn class there was a girl who would sit in the front with the smart kids, but unlike them she would raise her hand all the damn time. And the questions…oh the questions. So I thought I’d play an ode to that and let Angel get the payback you all yearned for so long (unless you are the every-ten-minute-hand-raising-girl. Then in that case, you’re different. I’m not talking about you *nervous laughter*)

Well enough for today. Tune in Thursday to learn a few more things about Angel. I swear the next thing is actually a big part of his story so don’t miss out.

See you guys later.


PS: Did you spot Angel in class? I probably should’ve made it harder. Damn.


——part 2——


Another Thursday, another update on that ass. Hey good people. As you can see page 5 was pretty intense. All this art and we’re only half way through it. But the good thing is I’ve been able to cram a lot of Angel’s life in all while keeping the humor and such up. I know it may seem small but his dilemma of being in school, having a job he doesn’t like and a passion that he loves was something I wanted to touch on in this story.

It all kind of stems from him not really knowing what to do with his life. I’m sure many of you have faced the same harsh realities. He’s in school, barely paying attention because we are told that is what we are supposed to do. Then at the same time, he is working at this shoe store in order to make ends meet. But as we see here, he is trying to be the next Kanye West. Well for those that don’t know, Kanye dropped out and put all of his energy into his music career and it wasn’t easy. But if you want the big rewards then you need to take the big risks.

Since Angel treats his passion like a hobby he can only get hobby-like-results (Intergalactic Pimpery? I know you guys are just learning this guy, but he would rather be working on something that showed more of his range, but hell, beggars can’t be choosers). Now I’m not going to say what happens with that but know if he decides to go the Yeezy route, he wouldn’t be in bad company.

I too am a college dropout.

Now I’m not saying that proudly before we continue as college isn’t the worst thing on earth, but for some it’s just not needed. Follow along.

So I had been in college for 3 years (Auburn University, awesome school btw. War Eagle) and was majoring in graphic design. At this point I had been tattooing for a few years but I was kind of looking at it as my college job. Once I was getting my career money I’d be straight I thought.

So before entering the graphic design program ( I was in pre-graphic design. You have to earn your way into the main program) they want you to talk to your advisor to make sure you are on track. Meeting went something like this:

“Hi there Mr. Todd”


“So let’s cut to it. What are your long term goals?”

“Well, I want to be an animator. That’s my dream.”


“So how do you plan on doing that with graphic design?”

“Well I’m thinking I can try to do graphic design for Cartoon Network and they’ll see how good I can draw and then they might train me.”

“That sounds like a ton of lucky factors need to fall in place”

“Yeah, but it’s all I can think of. Any suggestions?”

“Not really Mr. Todd. Our graduates aren’t really trying to be animators”

“Okayyy. So what do they usually try to become?”

(She pulls out this magazine) “Well our top student was hired by this magazine about birds”

“Listen. Melvin right? I don’t think your plan is thought out well. Maybe this university isn’t the best fit for you”

I can’t remember this lady’s name or anything, but I remember leaving there feeling so lost and like a failure. I wasn’t doing bad in school but I just figured by finishing college things would just…work out. Little did I know, she had changed my life forever.

Later that week I drew what I thought was a pretty dope concept for a cartoon and then it all seemed to click. I needed to take action on my dream. A few months later, I found myself moving to Atlanta to transfer to an art college for animation. A year later I dropped out of that shit too, because my instructors sucked lol. But also because I saw my dream wasn’t to draw on others cartoons. My dream was to create my own property. At that moment I knew I was on a different path.

I decided to focus on tattooing and saw that it skyrocketed my clientele. And eventually I came up with a concept with a naked angry cherub that would push my life in the best direction ever. My point is I had to focus on what was important and give my all to my dream and I want you all to do the same. Whatever it is you want, focus and make real plans to make it happen. The fact that you are reading this comic shows that I am still in route to mine and I fucking love it! Gives my life so much damn purpose.

Now it’s your turn.

Hopefully you know what you want from life, but if you don’t just ask yourself what can you do to find out ( I recommend a few awesome books. Start with 6 Months to 6 Figures by Peter Voogd, 10x Rule by Grant Cardone, and Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco).

Man this turned super inspirational. Where was I going with this? Oh…comic. Yeah. Angel has a pretty typical life lol. But maybe something can shake it up? Tune in next week because I have a feeling that this flashback is about to take an interesting turn!

Til Tuesday, Peace!



——-part 3——-


Hey guys! Gonna keep it short and sweet tonight because it’s fucking 4am. I don’t know about you all but daylight savings time may or may not have fucked me up a little. That mixed with my perfectionist ways have me up way too late considering I’m on daddy duty in the mornings. But it’s all worth it for the next installment of the tale.

Now we see what Angel does in his routine to utilize his gift to some degree. He actually gets to perform as a DJ at New Terminus’ hottest club… Well almost. Personally when I do go out I never get there on time, because I already know I’m not going to stay long (got shit to draw son). So to get a proper gauge of the party, I go during peak hours. But the party, I’ll assume, has a start time, and that start time is to try to get the party started to some degree, or just welcome those few people who enjoy being punctual.

This is the shift young Angel is on so he doesn’t get much recognition yet as he is pulled before shit really gets popping. But our guy is no idiot. He knows that if he can play some of his mixes here then there is a good chance that the right people could hear, so for now, he plays his role and tries not to get fired (look at him giving a shit). But not everyone seems to give a fuck about this set list he’s looping. Is Angel gonna have to Wayne Brady someone? Guess we’ll have to see Thursday.

zzzzzzzzzzzz, oh my bad dozed off. See you guys then,

Loveless Mel.

PS (post script to all my faithful readers): I actually wrote “sniff” coke at first. I was told you “snort” it and I swear I was glad I didn’t make that mess up (tho I’m telling you all now so it kinda still counts. Shit). I want this all to be as authentic as possible so if you ever see me mess up anything be sure to tell me. While it’s a fictional world, some things are gonna be true regardless so don’t be mum. Comment, like, repost, share. I loves that shit. Now forreal, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…