Another Wednesday. Another Loveless comic page.

This week has been all over the place. I’m working on so much stuff behind the scenes with Loveless, with lots of highs and lows. But I don’t look at L’s as loses. Moreso iterations on how to get to the desired results. So I hope said iterations bare nice fruit eventually.

And even if they don’t, I’ll just use those as iterations until they do.

But all those woes are mainly from the websites. I’m doing a complete overhaul and it’s a bigger undertaking than I thought. Luckily my homie @petieparker is gonna throw a lil help my way and for the main site I’ve just got a ton of new things coming to everyone. Just know it’s a great time to be in the Society. I want to make it mean the world to you guys. This community is too important to me. You guys are too important to me.

Oh yeah, the comic. I’ve honestly been waiting years for this. So to see it happen has been cool. Mind you I’m pages ahead, but I always wondered how Cupid and Angel would interact. So it’s interesting to see it from a stand point where they already have history.

The original plan was to see it build from scratch but no worries, it’ll all make sense soon. Be in store. These two will soon be your favorite duo (ok, honestly maybe not. There are some amazing duos out there. Vincent and Jules. Bonnie and Clyde. Batman and Robin. Cheech and Chong. I’m just saying… maybe they’ll be you 172nd favorite duo. Fingers crossed).

PS- shout out to @inkedmag for posting @earthseedmidwife’s Loveless tattoo. All shares mean a lot, but to be noticed by the big boys is always nice. Way more otw I’m sure! We’re just heating up.