Hey there? Quick question before we start. Who has allergies. You, no? Maybe? Well regardless, hear me out for a second. I just want to apologize for anyone I’ve ever made fun of that said they were suffering from it. Because I’m one of those people who is fortunate enough to not never experience them… at least I was before these last few weeks. All I know is that my throat feels swollen as fuck and it’s kinda sucky eating and shit. So I know I should be on bed rest and high off meds or something, but my damn addiction to this comic just won’t let me chill.

Even after tattooing until damn near 1am, I stayed up in order to really get these words on this page right. I wish I could show everyone how nice and neat they look before I go in and chop them up. And it’s weird because I’ve heard a few people say that it looks like I’m messing up when they see how ratty and shit the letters look. Well I actually put a lot of time into making them look like they were cut out of a newspaper. And it adds a bit of character to Angel’s story that I don’t think you can get if this was all nice and neat. But I mention that because this page was the first one that I feel I really got to show how awesome this method could be. Even with Angel not on the page, his presence is felt, all because of the words *cough cough. sips water. throat too fucked, sorry*

So let’s discuss those words for a second. There is something about this girl that has stopped our guy dead in his rude ass tracks (let’s not forget what he said as he was turning around on the previous page). We’ve all had this moment. That second of “wtf!!! Who is this?”

Me? I’m a pretty shy guy by nature. While I do well now with getting over the shock, when I was younger it was a fucking wrap. If you were a girl that I had an instant attraction to, then your ass would never know (unless you could see my stalkerish stare from across the room). So as always we have more questions. Who is she? Why is Angel so smitten (how often do you get to use that word)? Will he do anything about it? Guess we’ll have to find out Monday. Shit is about to heat up in this flashback. Shout out to everyone who has stuck along so far, it’s time for a bit of pay off.

Til later, lates.


PS: I was looking forward to drawing this particular panel since we started this comic. Why? Because my author notes (to myself) was, “Make her sexy af! Girl’s need to want to be her and guys should wanna fuck her.” Clearly I’m not that subtle when making notes to myself. I’ll try to remedy that or not. Probably not. Yeah not at all actually. Ok medicine time. My birthday is Sunday, all I want is to not be sick so I can draw more comic for you guys. See how nice I am? ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz and stuff.


——part 2——-


Hey guys. Talk about tired. Jeez. I have a pretty full week ahead of me, but I had to start it off right by getting the comic up. Without going too deep into it, we are seeing that young Angel is just a tad bit infatuated with our mystery girl here. So much so, that even though she is being mean to him, he tries to gather his senses and make an impression. I must say I’m actually quite curious as to how this will turn out because our guy is clearly losing his cool. This isn’t page 1 Angel clearly (you know… the 3some version). This is a guy rendered fucking helpless.

I’ll admit to you all that this reminds me of myself, specifically my grade school days. Every year I swear I’d pick a girl and she would be my unobtainable crush. These girls all had one special power that they didn’t know about. That was the ability to render me speechless if they ever said anything to me. And if I did muster up some words, it wasn’t anything that would make them want to throw themselves at me. Hell I was lucky if the girl would even look my way the rest of the school year with my jumbled words.

Who knows, maybe a few of my long lost crushes are reading this very comic and don’t even know the elite status they held in my life. Regardless, I thank them all. Because clearly it helped in my art 🙂 (I’m sure more than a few of them secretly liked me back. Hey, I’m kinda cocky now, what can I say haha).

Ahem, so what’s up next… more on this girl of course. Let’s see just how bad Angel fucked up by not providing the proper noun count.

See you guys Thursday!


PS- This is what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.

Stole that from Mitch Hedberg btw. So don’t give me too much credit. As a matter of fact, here is some Mitch for you guys. He was one of my favorite comedians. Enjoy it until Thursday damn it.



——part 3—–


5 o’clock in the morning, where you gonna be, outside on the corner. Better get yourself together, spending all ya time running round with ya mind? (Sorry, just randomly reciting this song from the 90s that I’m sure I messed up the lyrics on).

Fuck is up people? Well today’s post is short and sweet as we continue with a rambling Angel. I really wanted to continue to show just how his brain is running 1,000,000 miles a minute and he is just trying to catch up. I’m not going to lie, while this panel was short and sweet, it was hella fun to draw as I explored the expressions of the characters. Something that used to be a weakness of mine but now I have a ton of fun on it.

You may notice a slight turquoise like hue to the page today. It’s on purpose. Actually all these black and white versions were supposed to be this way. If you look close at the colored pages, you will see there is no black in the lines. I just like how the art looks this way honestly, especially when colored. So I’m going to start posting them like this. I’m even going to go back and adjust the other ones. It’s moreso to help with the coloring process. Don’t forget that as we post these, the others are still being colored for the VIP version, so by having the lines all ready it takes out a step for me and Cory.

Think I’ll leave it here for right now. Be sure to tune back in Tuesday to see just how this mystery girl responds to Angel’s offer. It should be interesting to say the least.



PS: Thank you all for the continued support. People have really been responding well to the comic and I love it! The funny part is we have not even hit the good part yet (I’m going to have to assume a certain angry cherub will eventually make a presence -spoiler alert… wait I was supposed to say that before the line. My bad) yet we still get high reader numbers every Tuesday and Thursday! I promise that the pay off will be big. Remember, it’s all about the set up. Till next week, stay Loveless my friends.


——part 4——–


Another Tuesday, another comic update from us kind folks here at Loveless. I’m your favorite cherub drawing artist, here to take you through another journey of the Lovezone.

I’m kidding.

Just wanted to sound like one of those cool radio personalities. You know, the ones that play the music all soft when it gets late and have the deepest voice known to man. I’m hoping by the age of, Iono, 38 or so, I hit this late stage of puberty just to sound like one of those guys. All Barry White like and shit. I’d use my new found powers, to do weird things, like be an auctioneer ( Ah yeah girl, I see you over there raising your paddle).

What the hell am I talking about? I’m not gonna lie to you people, I don’t know! I’m fucking delirious. Anyone that knows me knows that when I’m sleepy, I ramble. And when one rambles they say shit that doesn’t make sense. Well anyway on the way home, the “Quiet Storm” was playing (smooth jazz and R and B for the couple looking to spice up their romance with viagra, wine, and instruction manual sex music all to a smooth rhythm) and just was envious of the disk jockey is all.

Why so tired you ask?

Well this week we are moving the Loveless Studio and I’ve been running around all day with my interns making sure everything goes off without a hitch. The one hitch is that I just finished prepping a mural after a full day of tattooing and still had a bit left to finish on today’s post. I’m actually quite pleased and happy just like Angel. I’m off page 6 finally and Angel is pulling out his secret weapon, 2 Wet, V3 (three times sexier than volume 2 btw) after his newly formed crush has given him a bit of affirmation. Seems like things are going well right? Well let’s see how Angel handles the situation.

Now let me get rest because I’m gonna be moving this studio all week and I can’t wait for the Society members to see it (It’s kinda sorta private ya’know). In the meantime I’ll do my best to make sure the Thursday post is awesome af!

See you guys then.


PS: What if Kanye made a song about Kanye (something?) about the old Kanye, cause that’ll be soooo Kanye!!! (I’m too tired to remember the lyrics. My bad. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)