Loveless Wednesday again, and this was the page that gave me the most laughter. Again, this is technically my first time having these two interact on an actual story, so it’s just fun seeing the dynamic. I had written out all these synopsis of adventures they will go on, so I know they will have a time, but still, seeing the interaction brings a ton of joy to me.

I will say that I’m going to be doing some story changes ahead so I’m hoping they give me a good reaction. Some of you might even hate me, but I like the direction it will take the book.

One thing I do know is that after I finish this issue, I will take a little sabbatical on the comic…again, haha. I know my OG readers are like “FUCKKK, it’s going to be years til issue 3!” But no worries. Not this time. I just have to write issue 3 and build my buffer again. The quality and preparedness of having these pages ready weeks in advance keeps it really fun and interesting to me. Very stress free.

But the biggest reason is that I want to really add more time to get the Loveless Interviews done. We have begun shooting and as of now I’m editing them until I hire an editor. So I want to really focus on that for a minute. So Loveless Wednesdays will have some extra dope people discussing their Loveless tattoos once this issue concludes in a couple of weeks..

The ultimate goal in 2022 is to feature both weekly. The interviews on Monday and comics on Wednesday, so I’m preparing now.

But for now, I’ll see you all next week! Thanks for the continued support!! Remember to share and comment! And no actual testicles were harmed in the making of this comic (actually…nevermind).