Welp, that was short lived. A quick jump to the present and we see that this fairy tale romance is over in less than a year. This page is pretty self explanatory as Angel seeks solace from his uncle Che. I know it may not seem like it, but when Che comes on the scene I actually get a bit giddy (yeah, grown man saying giddy. I regret nothing). I mean, he’s just a fun character to write. Do you have that over the top uncle that seems to give nothing but bad advice? Well I have a few. And Che embodies them all and then some.

While Che is a funny character, I think it is important for him to serve a purpose bigger than just comedy, and as the story progresses we will see it. For now tho, I wanted everyone to see the impact that he has on young Angel. Although Angel is pretty smart, it seems that he does take the advice his uncle gives him to heart. Mainly because he is like a big brother to him and does love him. It’s a blind leading the slightly more blind. But it’s all coming from a good place.

Hopefully there aren’t too many typos in this as I’m pretty tired. Before I leave though, I want to let everyone know that this is the last week of Tuesday and Thursday posts. We will be bringing back Loveless Wednesday’s with the comic being the featured post! The main reason for this is that I want the updates to stop being so short. While this one wasn’t too bad, the few before have been just a bit too quick to progress the story any sizable amount. So after the post Thursday, just know that the next one will be Wednesday, and every Wednesday thereafter.

That’s about it for now, I’ll catch you all Thursday!


PS: Che wave game is giving me sea sickness.


—–part 2——


Hey guys. I’m actually proud to get this up on time. I actually wrote on my instagram that the post would probably not be up until later in the day. But thanks to the magical healing powers of “5 hour energy (took half, which you just have to assume gives you 2.5 hours of energy)” I was able to let the endorphin rush of getting this done pull me through. I’ve been finding new processes through the sheer fact that I’m doing the comic so regularly and it’s helping me get a bit of speed. I guess it’s true, the more you work on something the better you get.

I’ve been in a good head space about the comic lately too. I openly tell people that I didn’t make it for money, but because I wanted to make the story that I wanted to make and get it out there. It’s hard sometimes not to look at other more popular properties and wonder why yours doesn’t get the same attention. Then you ask yourself should you do what everyone else is doing, artistically, story wise, the whole 9. But then I remind myself why I’m doing this and remember the only person I’m in competition with is myself. I just have to make the best story that I can and do my best to top myself every post.

Like I said, comics in general don’t make much money if that Marvel or DC logo isn’t attached (I personally like Image…hey I’m an indie fan at heart. Check out Deadly Class btw. My favorite comic out hands down), so it keeps me focusing on the passion of getting it out and attracted more people like yourselves that just want to follow along with Cupid’s adventures ( I know he hasn’t been seen but hey…setup). Once we have caught our stride the plan always has been and will be to make the pilot animation! I just want to see if people even care before doing all of that. Shit’s costly lol.

I’m tired, and kinda rambling. But this was a fun section. Che and Angel’s relationship is just interesting to me. Like, what kind of advice is this? No wonder Angel is messed up. But, I think Che is just getting started. Tune back in next week to see this train wreck advice continue.

Speaking of next week, remember that the comic will be updated every Wednesday from now on.

I know that you guys will miss the dual updates, but for now it is the best choice to make sure the posts don’t get too short while I take that art class I was talking about a few posts ago. I’ll keep everyone updated on any new changes.

But let me catch a couple z’s. Hope you guys had a good 420 and are still floating around somewhere.

Mel out.

PS: Che got them Johnny Bravos.


——part 3——


Loveless… Wednesday? Holy fuck. It’s Wednesday! For those that don’t know, back in the early days of Loveless, we use to update the site once a week and we named it “Loveless Wednesdays”. I guess now that the comic is adopting the once a week format for now it feels like a return to our glory days. Guess it’s like coming full circle. Good shit indeed!

Now for those that came yesterday hoping to see the latest page, I just want to extend an “I’m sorry”. We announced last week about the changes but I saw that we had a nice bit of page views and I’m sure it’s from our usual Tuesday/Thursday updates registering regular readers. Well for now just check back Wednesdays. The good part is now we can put up more content per post and get this story moving along (for those that don’t know I’m going to be taking a new art class and this helps free up a bit of my art duties). If anything changes I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

As for the comic, my favorite uncle is back at it, letting Angel know the laws of threesome scoring. If you are at a loss for words, no worries, you’re in good company as Angel seems to be there at the moment. But hey, Angel loves Che, but the case remains that…well Kirsten is still gone. What is Angel to do? Guess we can find out next week. I’m hoping to give a full page, but let’s play it by ear lol.

Until then, I’m out! See you guys Wednesday!


PS: Just wanted to thank everyone who has been along for the ride and those just jumping on. Really means a lot. For those curious, the class I am taking is on producing action scenes and such for animation. So spoiler alert, I’m starting to think of this project as an animation and there will be tons of action soon. But where? Well you’ll have to just keep reading I guess. Shit’s gonna get brutal!