Another Wednesday, another set of panels. The middle panel was one of my favorites of the series so far. I went with this extreme angle of placing the girl Angel slept with in the foreground even though the focus is on the guys in the background.

That panel let me know that my time in film school paid off some in the short term. Speaking of which… I miss making films quite a bit. But I knew that I was just trying to wear too many hats simultaneously, which we can do as creatives. So lately, I’ve decided to get really fucking good at very targeted things one at a time.

So now it’s storytelling with this comic. Which ironically, I get to be the director, writer, cinematographer, prop person, casting, all of that haha. Then when this issue is done, I’m going to focus on producing the interviews. Followed by the next issues for a while.

My point is, if you’re a creative and feel overwhelmed, try to dial it back to the main thing for a sec, and master that, then introduce new things. My film days will come back, but I want to be able to focus on that when it’s time and put everything else to the side. For now this gives me peace. And I’m thankful that you guys read it.

Also, I get to make stories where a guy gets to brag about his dick. And no one cancels me for it. It’s a cool little sweet spot. Not gonna lie.

Til next week, peace.

Loveless Melvin