It’s Loveless Wednesday (no lie, it feels so good saying that) and I have a whole fucking page for you guys! By giving myself a bit longer to get the posts done, it has afforded such a luxury. Not to mention with only one post a week, I didn’t want to drag sad little Angel along too long (plus I’m really stoked for the next page honestly).

I got to explore a bit of my range here. A big part about illustrating stories is that the characters need to actually show emotion. This was one of the first pages where there was no sign of a joke, even a sight gag (which I had to fight not to put in). I didn’t want to ruin the moment. I wanted you guys to really “feel” the sadness he was going through. Don’t know if any of you have ever felt this way but the perfectly timed rain seemed to sum it up.

When I draw certain scenes, I think about what soundtrack I’d play if I was doing the animation now. Once certain song instantly popped into my head. It’s called “Yes, I’m Lonely” by Vincent Gallo.

I’m a huge fan of Vincent and his dark humor take on Love (one of my favorite movies is Buffalo 66. It’s a very acquired taste). I imagine this song is playing as Angel walks out and stands on the stoop. The lyrics start as soon as his hood is placed upon his head. Maybe with him walking to a juxtaposition of happy couples continuing to parade past him in the background as he keeps his head to the ground. He can’t relate to them. Not at anymore.

My bad, I went into director mode. That damn story boarding class. All I’ve been doing is studying why certain things in film work, and I’m not mad at it if the comic continues to get better (studying Scorsese and Tarintino isn’t too bad of a new hobby).

Well that’s enough for now. I have to draw a Loveless tattoo for tomorrow and I’m hungry af. I’ll catch you guys next week for a couple of scenes I’ve been anxious to show!



PS: You are your only competition. Try your best to become better than you were yesterday. Fuck the competition. YOU are your only competition! If you focus on making yourself the best you can possibly be, believe me when I say that your competition is going to be trying to keep up with you.