Page 9! And you all are still following along (hey to the newbies too). So in case you missed it, I’ve announced that I’ll be having my first solo art show next year in September. Since dropping the news, my mind has been going wild with all the amazing things I want to do. My last collaborative show was with @whoiscoreydavis and was such a hit. It was based on issue 1 of the comic and what it took to make it. So I do know I want that vibe, but expanded!!

So while the new show won’t be focused on the comic this time, I do want to make sure I have new issues available for purchase. That’s right, issues!! I know with how I’ve scheduled things, this current issue we’re reading and the next should definitely be ready for purchase at the show (and online). Hopefully I can have even more. But I’m dedicated to getting my vision and story out. Loveless Cupid means a lot to me and I hope with the wild turns I have in store and messages I hope to give that you all enjoy the ride.

As for this page, we’ve finally gotten out of the bedroom a little. I don’t know who this is (ok obviously I do, but let’s play dumb) but I don’t think he’s gonna like that Angel is here. Cupid seems shook!! WTF IS GONNA HAPPEN?!?!? Find out next week!