Wednesday means… hella slow progression on this comic. Even still I’m glad to get it out. These pages take so much work that I’m glad everyone is following along. At minimum, I try to draw all that art in the meantime to tie everyone over so it’s a nice trade off. Sure I could be working on the comic more instead of doing those, but I like to hit all angles.

I think this was the page I was really getting comfortable with the style I was using. Considering it’s pretty much an instagram comic, it doesn’t need to be hella detailed. Just get the story along. So the pacing on this page felt good and upped the stakes. Why is Angel’s life in danger? Is Cupid really here to save him? I won’t lie… the next page is one of my favorite. So just like all these cliffhangers. I’ll see you all next week.

Also, lil pro tip. Someone told me they were saving them in its own folder on ig so they could read it easy. I think you should too. Shout out to you guys. Til next week.